unfound love

Monday, December 05, 2005

It was well past midnight. The city was plunged into darkness, save the night shift companies and the voracious television watchers. There was full brightness at a window...
She sat with her heads droopin down, eyes clear and concentrated. She felt fresh. The book was on the study table. The shelf was full of reference books and notes. Her molbile rested on top of a fat book. It hummed. What ? Who is sending a message at this time? She was not disturbed by that. She just continued studying.
It was her and he was mad about her. She was fair and about more than five feet tall. Her hair reached upto her shoulders and she walked with an air of innocence. When she saw, her stare had a searching look. Cool and comforatble she was.
It was one of the classes. He was sitting in the last row. She came in. A careless wave to her friends and she sat in the first row. All her friends were in the last bench, andso he had chosen a bench parallely to that, hoping that he would be in her proximity. He was disappointed. But he did not care! He simply went to the first bench! The girls in the last bench cat-called. He was least bothered. He wanted to be near her. It gave him confidence and strength to face anything. She too noticed that. Just noticed. No thoughts were in her mind. She did not feel him across staring openly at her. She just took a look at the problem posted on the board and solved it. He saw that. He wanted to feel her writing. " excuse me, can i have a look at how you solved it ?". "oh! am sorry, i did not get it right." What? Just now she solved it!! well, i dont know why she did that.
Classes passed by and she too started to notice that this guy was exceptionally brilliant and exceptionally staring at her. She felt uneasy. But the thoughts did not affect her. She was just not bothered.
It was a cool evening. We were sittin together and preparing for an event which was due to take place next month. He sat there, just thinking about her and talking about her. I nudged him. " ok, if you have guts, if you are a man, if you love her, call her now." He had never spoken to her before that! He accepted that challenge. With shaking hands he dialled her mobile number. " can i speak to...." " who is this ?" " hey.. i am the guy who studies with you...hello ..hello..hello" The connection went blank. After a minute, the telephone rang. " can i speak to him" It was a male voice. " I am her father speaking". He was trembling now. He thought that her father was angry because of a guy calling is daughter. He thought he was done for. Mustering courage, he spoke. "yes... sorry, hope i am not disturbing you, i study with your daughter in the class, i just want to know her brothers email address, I heard he is abroad and want some advice from him". I was stuffing my mouth trying not to laught. I was rolling on the ground! Finally she spoke...her first words to him. He did not sleep that night!
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ada paavi......sollaveilley....
iniki create paniya?? super....

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see ..... thats why we are friends......:P

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