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Monday, December 05, 2005

Hypothesis of her thoughts...

Sometime, you understand. And when you understand, things become very easy for you. You move on with confidence whenever you encounter that. But if you fail to understand, it becomes hell each time you encounter that.
And so it was hell to him, each time he saw her, each single word she spoke to him, he could not understand. She started to move a bit close with him. She began to call him sometimes. Each and everytime the phone rang in his house, his heart leapt.. "it should be her, it should be her,it should be her" that was all his thoughts!! Their conversations extended into the night, he felt like he was with her each time he was speaking to her. One thing he could not understand, what was she thinking?? He was not confident that she like him...well..no one knew about her thoughts.
"Oh my god.. what am i doing? do i really like him?" she started to think. To think is the first step. The constant rattle of her mind distracted her. She tried to ward him off. " see, i dont think thins will work out as you imagine..so forget me". He just replied " i love you". Each time he said that, she became speechless. " Forget me" was the most frequent words she used on the phone.. and " i love you" was the most frequent phrase he used.
We are born, we are not made. We are brought up, we are not grown. Whatever we are, the credit is only to our parents. She was very attached to her father. She loved her father very much. Whatever she did, it was only with her parents consent. Her worries were all about them. "Am i dishonouring my parents by doing this?" " will my father not like me if i do this?" " Does love really exist?" " Does he really love me?" . When she asked herself that last question, she knew the answer. " He does love me very much..i know i can feel his love in his words..love in his eyes..." "but...am i pullying down my parents due to this?"
She wanted more time, time to decide, time to test his love and time to gain confidence. But she was amazing. All these did not affect her studies. The only time she forgot about all these was the time she took her books, and so she studied for long hours.
He could never forget....
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