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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Memories of Us

Since i started to write, let me pretend that I am going to write regularly and so goes this piece!

The best part in love and friendship is the endless gossip we have had. Me and he have chatted endless into the night on numerous group study ocassions over things that were either possible or impossible and we used to plan on how to win her parents attention and finally get her!! Most of the ideas were rolling-on-the-ground- laughable ones and we can never forget any!!

one such idea : He was supposed to take a scooter to her house and then pull the air from the tyres. Then he would push it for sometime and get soaked in sweat. With all the sweating, he should park the scooter in front of her house and then ring her bell. Her father would open the door. He introduces himself to her dad and tell that his scooter tyres are damaged and that he is very tired from pushing it! And then he would ask...

Uncle.. can i have your daughter?!
I mean..err... some water!!

We used to pull his legs with these lines every time we got an opportunity!

Yet another crazy incident which was very daring!

He had to give a give a seminar in our class about Binary computers. The problem with him is that, he is too sincere. The professor who gave him the responsibililty was a funny guy ( I need a seperate blog to write about the prof! ) and he came and sat down in his place when he proceeded to take the seminar. I and my gang were sitting in the last bench in the seminar room and just before our row was our professor. After making a lot of funny faces behind the prof's back, we tried to follow our dear friends seminar. He was making the whole class cry. We would have better endured our prof's lecture!! He got into the teacher mood and started to dictate notes and give us problems to work out!

How long can a group of innocent students be butchered by a fellow classmate?! So, it was time for action! We took a nice clean A4 sheet. Wrote in bold and big letters " I love you... SHE " and we were holding it up from the last bench above our prof's head! That was enough to trickle down his class taking and dictation. We could see his cheeks going red from blushing and he started to smile suddenly! The prof decided that he was losing interest and concentration in giving the seminar and promptly launched into his lecture. His lecture instantly put us to sleep and we spend the rest of the class happily dreaming!

Watch out for the next episode : He finds her house !! :) Stay tuned !!
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you guys!! hahahahah awesome fun!! paavum he! nice way of getting him to stop..... :) will stay tuned def!

6:10 AM  

BHARATHWAJ : " And I feel lots of the things in your blog are your expressions towards "whatever you call it". Just that letting that stream through certain situations that seem coincidental to mine makes it a little too strange. Anyways, good that you have resurged your writing habits, keep it going. "

11:22 PM  

Hi da, nice post. It really made me laugh!!!!! By the way, who is the boy in the story. Machi! Unmeiya sollu! Adhu needhane! Why are telling the story from the Third person's point of view? Anyway, great to see ya blogging regularly!

1:34 AM  

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