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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The search

The very first that a guy wants to know about his girl is her house and no one can just approach the girl and get to know where she lives. Especially when you have just spoken your first few words to her!

He so badly wanted to know where she lived and also wanted to see her silently from the outside taking in each second of her presence into his heart. He found out her address with her telephone number. She was far away, not reachable by foot or cycle. Well, after all which hero would want to walk or cycle or take the third transport, the bus. That is why you should have a friend who has a bike and is always eager to lend it for occasions like this. Its me for him!

It was 7 pm after dinner that he took off in my bike. Filled the tank with petrol to enable him get lost in the city if he didn’t find her place easily! And it was not easy for him because he has hardly driven a bike in the city. No license to drive doest not means no license to Love! The cops don’t matter as long as you don’t do something foolish and moreover he had his Institute identity card which can bail him out of more difficult corners.

It was like driving towards something that was attracting. He didn’t know how he steered the vehicle nor did he know how long he had driven but he could feel her coming close to him. He stopped to ask for directions to reach her faster. He stopped some stranger on the road and asked him. He was shocked with the reply because the stranger seemed to tell him the route to her house for the next 2 kms without missing a single landmark. For a second he thought the stranger was living just near her house! With his heart beat functioning as the horn to move other vehicles aside, he finally reached her house.

It was a flat with not many houses. He spotted her balcony and her study. Though he could not see her, he could feel her. He could feel her movements inside her house and may be did he hear her breathe?! I don’t know how long he stood outside feeling his love for her, but he returned the bike next day at college with a glow in his face!
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That is soooo romantic!! Kalakaraan he!!! :) :)

5:48 AM  

Dei nalla love story da!! I don't know who the character is? But one thing for sure! He is mad in love and he is frantically waiting for her!!!!!

2:49 AM  

dai, i know this guy very well... please confirm if he is who i think he is... and i know its not u :P

8:56 AM  


8:56 AM  

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