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Monday, December 04, 2006

Beginning of a new beginning

It takes time to realise love. When you do, its difficult to find the ground beneath your feet! Guess thats bliss!

Its been a year since I wrote. Dec 5 2005, Monday was the last one. On Dec 5 2006, Tuesday I start again "Beginning of a new beginning ".

Did a year really pass by?! It like i've just posted my last observation! There has been a lot of changes. In me, in him and in her.

HE is doing great. Just awesome. And so is she. There have been days when he missed her, missed her like he missed breathing. There were nights when he could just not sleep, nor close his eyes.

There were nights when she could not sleep either. She said " I just dont want to open his mail and read now. Its going to make me miss me teribbly and I dont want to cry here, now". She really didnt open his mail when she was far away from him!!

What are the states of matter? People will say 3. Solid, liquid and gas. People of science may include one more, Plasma. But I do realise, there is yet another state, Love. The most complex one to understand. But the most simplest state prevalent everywhere. Just that many fail to realise it!!

Now that I have started to write again, I guess this time I wish to do justice to their emotions. Least I can offer towards the greatest bond between us.
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