unfound love

Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is from our coaching class days. What all does he do so that he gets a glimpse of her, to remain in her proximity and to dream! Guys who are in love seldom care about embarrassing situations. Because, they just don’t care!

How many times did my new bike have starting troubles until she walked past us! How long will it take to tie the shoe laces? hmmm…until she finishes her doubts with the professor and until she comes down the stairs! He even took the wrong bus because she got into it! There was not a single chance he left when he was in his peak of ogling!

She walked to the bus stand. He told me that he will walk too. So, I was chatting with my friends after he left. He walked behind her, his mind filled with her laughter and her expressions. She stood waiting for the bus. He stood near her too. She smiled at him and he returned it. I had to cross the bus stand too. When I saw him still waiting for the bus, I thought I will give him company until her bus came. Suddenly, she climbed in to a share auto and left. He was disappointed. What else I was there for?! He hopped on to my bike and we went behind. She got down half way and caught a bus and when I over took the bus, she saw him! He was over joyed ! Who cares what she thinks!! He was on cloud nine!!

Yet another day, she left with her friend in her bike. He asked me to drop him near my place from where he can take a bus. I was driving slowly. Suddenly, he asked me to overtake them. I did ! Soon afterwards, he lost sight of them in the rear mirror. He asked me to stop. I told him that would be too odd to stop and wait for them. He never liked watermelons. He spotted a vendor nearby. He got down and bought one. I was surprised. Then they came into view. He paid him. Didn’t get the change back, climbed on with watermelon in his hands, but in front of my mouth. They we had a brilliant ride, I was munching the watermelon he was holding for me, he was looking at her and I think she was smiling! Not only her, I guess all the people who saw us were smiling!
Who cares?!!
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