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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The First Date

This long silence is due to my deadlines and increasing work pressure. But yet again I find that this is a beautiful stress buster, thinking about these beautiful memories and the impact it has on our lives and the evolution that has occurred.

It was around 11.30PM. We were messaging each other and she was telling me about her confusions and the dilemma that was running in her mind. Her position was difficult and so was her confusions and it really needed courage to stay calm and focussed in a situation like this. Not getting panicked nor panicking parents and at the same time handling one love stuck guy who was not thinking of giving up at any point of time.

The message came to my mobile as a shock. Even I could not handle the excitement and the happiness. “ Its not that I don’t like him… I like him very much… and I don’t want to lose him… Am sure that things will change for the better. “

11.45 PM and I dialled his number with sweat strewn fingers. He picked up the phone even before the first ring could complete and he knew it was a call from me. And he also knew that a call at this time would mean that there is some news from me regarding her. He was impatient and when I read out the message to him, I could hear his heart crying out in happiness and his breath taking him to an elevated trance.

He was starting for his two month research internship the next day and he wanted to meet. His first date. After racking our brains from hours to find a reason to meet her ( the thought process fetched us ideas like, he having a dream about her dog not being well and wanting to wish it speedy recovery ! ) he settled on getting back the formula sheet he had given her. He called her, told her and she too agreed. He hopped on to my bike and we were soaring and tearing through 42 degree Celsius of summer heat. Only that it was hot only for me, not for him…

They met at the bus stand. May be not a romantic place for the first date, but definitely turned into the most beautiful place in spite of dust storms and diesel exhausts. Why do you need words all the time to do the conversation?! Though she did not tell him anything that day, he knew that she meant what she had messaged and she knew that he knew she did not tell it just for the sake of it. Eyes tell them all.
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